School Management

“e-Scuole” is a next-generation electronic school management system based on cutting edge web 3.0 technology reducing the need of huge IT requirements and investment. Our vision is an integrated web application that re-imagines how the school operates. Our goal is to reduce school overheads by simplifying processes and allowing parents online access to their children schools eliminating calls and in-person visits. “e-Scuole” is designed so each stakeholder that is teachers, staff, parents, students, and school administrators have easy accessibility based on their data views.

Features of e-Scuole:

  • Paperless Online Student Registration and Enrollments
  • Paperless Admission
  • Flexible Fees Engine to cater for the different types of fees Academic and Transport
  • Intelligent Attendance for Students and Staff
  • Automated Timetable and Schedule Generator
  • Publishing Engine for Exam Results and Student Performance
  • Online Parent Portal with Mobile App* with comprehensive dashboards
  • IoT Based Student Tracking for student safety , attendance, and zone regulations
  • Inventory Management for school assets
  • Notification for all types of alerts
  • Continuous Product development
  • Ability to apply School branding

Parent Portal provides comprehensive Dashboards about their children in the school:

  • Student Details
  • Fees Details
  • Performance Reports
  • Circulars
  • School News Update
  • Teachers Contact Information
  • Photo Gallery
  • Timetable
  • Exam Schedule
  • Assignments
  • IoT Based Student Tracking and Attendance